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Xysticus cristatus is common in many different habitats and frequently found. Other species are less common or have a narrower range of habitats and, so, are found less often.

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Diaea dorsata
I find this spider most commonly in oak trees, but occasionally on other trees such as yew.
Xysticus cristatus

This is a very common spider found usually at ground level in a range of habitats - gardens, woodland, meadowland etc. Occasionally it can be found in flowerheads waiting for prey.

Xysticus audax

I have only come across this species in gorse, several feet above ground level. The wedge shaped marking on the cephalothorax is shorter than in X. cristatus.

Ozyptila trux

Fairly common. The spider in the photograph was found in leaf litter below trees on a nature reserve.

Ozyptila brevipes

Quite common in wet places such as fen or marshland. It's easy to find in reed litter at ground level, but I've also found it in sedge tussocks.