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This page illustrates the tetragnathid spiders that I have found locally. Although some are sufficiently distinct to allow an identification to be guessed at, it is safest to check a specimen under the microscope.

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Metellina species
Two similar species, M. mengei and M. segmentata, cannot be safely identified from photos such as these. Although the time of year gives some guide - mengei is usually adult in spring / early summer and segmentata in the autumn - it is advisable to check the spiders under the microscope.
Metellina merianae

Widespread but just occasionally encountered, mostly in dark damp places such as woodland undergrowth.

Pachygnatha degeeri

Fairly common in a variety of habitats - leaf litter, dense grass etc.

Pachygnatha clercki

One of the more abundant spiders in reedbeds and other wet habitats, and can be found both at ground level or up in vegetation.

Tetragnatha montana

The Tetragnatha species I find most often. Very common. The one in the picture has a parasite - the larva of a small wasp.

Tetragnatha nigrita

Quite common amonst birch trees in some woodland, especially amongst the flimsier branches.

Tetragnatha obtusa

I have found this species several times, usually on the edge of woodland or in clearings, but only single ones.