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Marpissa muscosa
M. muscosa is the UKs largest jumping spider and quite common locally. It can be found on tree trunks, fences, gate posts, bird hides at nature reserves etc. in areas with sandy soil.

Marpissa radiata
This beautiful spider is quite rare in the UK, but its strongholds are the remnants of river fens in East Anglia, some of which are close to where I live. Some populations seem to be threatened. It grows almost as large as Marpissa muscosa.
juvenile adult female adult male

Salticus scenicus
Salticus scenicus is very common and lives on the walls of my house. I have seen them charge at, but never catch, young Sitticus (see below). It is more active but restricts its hunting to warmer days.
with fly juvenile with chironomid midge

Sitticus pubescens
Sitticus live on the walls of my house and I enjoy watching them stalking flies and other insects there. If attacked by S. scenicus it leaps off the wall but attached to a silk thread so that it lands further down the wall.
Adult female Juvenile with aphid With male ant

Sitticus caricis
Sitticus caricis is a rare spider of wet places. It tends to remain hidden amongst leaf litter in or near reedbeds and amongst dense clumps of sedges.

Evarcha falcata
I can see this Evarcha species on local nature reserves that are on sandy soil. It is most easily found on low vegetation (e.g heather, thick grass) at the edge of woodland
adult male adult female

Heliophanus flavipes
The photo is of a young one but I assume the species is H. flavipes as it's the only member of the genus I've come across locally, plus it's very common at some sites.