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We are used to seeing spiders as predators, but what preys on spiders?

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Pompilid wasps
The clubionid spider in the left photo has been stung and paralysed by a pompilid wasp Auplopus carbonarius. The wasp has bitten off most of the spider's legs, presumably to lighten the load as it carries its unfortunate prey back to its burrow. In the right photo an Anoplius viaticus has paralysed a female Alopecosa pulverulenta

Hymenopteran parasite
The spiders, a Theridion on the left and Clubiona on the right, are carrying wasp larvae. The larva on the Theridion (probably melanurum) grew larger by feeding on the spider and eventually killed its host.

Other spiders
In the picture on the left a cellar spider, Pholcus phalangioides, has caught a woodlouse spider, Dysdera sp., wrapped it in silk and is eating it. In the right picture a Philodromus is eating a theridiid spider, probably Theridion varians

Robber fly
This robberfly, Dioctria sp., has caught a small spider. Did it catch the spider in mid-air as it was ballooning or did it pick it off the ground or vegetation?