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Alopecosa barbipes

A fairly common species in open sandy areas. They can sometimes be seen sunning themselves on anthills, molehills etc on warm spring days. They will bury themselves in the soil and I have found them by scraping away the top layer of loose sand of molehills. The front tibiae of adult males are swollen, but less so than in A. cuneata males.

male female

Alopecosa cuneata

This is not a common spider but it can be numerous on the one or two sites where I have found it. It is a strikingly-marked Alopecosa species. The front tibiae of adult males are distinctly thickened.

male female

Alopecosa pulverulenta

This is a widespread species. Amongst many other places I can find it in my garden.

male female

Arctosa perita

An attractive spider which is sometimes seen on open areas with loose sandy soil. It will create a silken cell, in which to hide, within the sand.

Arctosa leopardus

A wolf spider of damp places, including the East Anglian fens. It is very variable in appearance.

Arctosa fulvolineata

A large rare spider found on coastal saltmarshes. Female shown.

Pardosa monticola

There are many Pardosa species in the UK. This is a fairly common one, particularly in open habitats.

Pirata species

There are six species of Pirata in the UK. Some of them can be very numerous in wet habitats.

Trochosa species

Trochosa species are largish wolf spiders with rather thick legs and two characteristic marks on the cephalothorax. There are two common species, ruricola and terricola. The one in the photo is probably the latter but they need to be examined under the microscope to be identified with certainty.